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Study - supervision - construction of electromechanical projects

Internal electrical installations. Lighting projects. Grounding. Boards. Circuits with relays. Circuits with switches. Elevators. Facilities. Check reliability of electrical equipment. Artificial Ventilation. Heating and air conditioning.

Industrial Plants

Study, design of operational industrial buildings, warehouses and tanks.

Pumping Equipment

Pumping water or sewage, and moving from a low level to a higher level in many different applications. Numerous industrial and institutional facilities such as mining, water management, malls and hotels.

Automation Systems

Reliable, fast and economical solutions to a wide range of applications. Application of microcomputers in industrial automation with programmable logic controllers, which is the latest development in automation technology.

Irrigation Networks

Farmland irrigation systems to save water with the lowest installation cost, taking into account local conditions.

Fire Safety Studies

Fire protection systems designed and installed so as to provide the best and fastest response to fires, indoors or warehouses.

Contracting for Public Works

Study and design for public utility projects.

Projects of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

Utilization of available renewable energy sources like solar energy through the installation of household solar power plants (power up to 10 kW) and photovoltaic parks and geothermal.

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